View discards, and "Oops!" button

  • I supported the original Kickstarter for the boardgame of DFCO, and love this implementation on both Android and PC.

    A couple of features that would be helpful though are the following:

    1. A way to view players hands / discards while the game is waiting for a player to be selected as the result of an action (e.g. choose a player to take back a card from their discard pile). Currently you are doing this blind. Something like the Sentinels of the Multiverse "Meanwhile..." button would help you check the available cards each player has before having to select someone.

    2. An "oops" button for when you hit the wrong action - e.g. discard for fate when you meant to play a card, select wrong player by accident with an action, or hit a roll button when you meant to discard. An option to "take back" the last action would be appreciated, especially for smartphone users where the screen is a little more cramped. (I appreciate this could be abused just from failing dice rolls though)

    3. On the showdown, the options above each card are very close together on a smartphone, and its difficult to confidently select how much fate you wish to spend - could there be an option you could enable to confirm this selection (that could default to on for smartphone, but off for tablet / pc)?


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    Those are great suggestions.

    We've looked into what it would take to "undo" an action, and because of the complications of dice rolls forcing some actions to be locked in, we added confirmations for most of those actions in place of "undo".