Release Notes: Version 1.2.2

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    Version 1.2.2 includes a number of fixes to gameplay bugs discovered since the previous update. These include:

    • Kincaid's Isolate & Eliminate can now be played when the only Foe with Hits is the first Foe in the order Foes are searched
    • Lash's Gift should no longer get stuck when prompting to discard a card.
    • Card effects that require more than one discard no longer get stuck when there aren't enough cards in that player's hand.
    • Obstacle and Advantage cards are no longer treated as cards with no Hits/Clues when determining if Winter Knight Harry can use his Mantle of Winter talent.
    • Sign in / sign out / achievements buttons for Google Play should now work properly.
    • Remote players in a network game no longer get stuck when Harry declines to discard a card when prompted to do so after playing Lash's Gift
    • The "Running on Fumes" obstacle in Side Jobs no longer modifies the die roll for additional clues on Susan's "Pen Is Mightier"
    • Kincaid's Tripwire can no longer be used on Foes at range >1 in the secondary row when "Lost In Undertown" is active.
    • Winter Knight Harry will no longer appear in the tutorial after being used in a solitaire game.
    • A few cases where Winter Lady Molly using Power of the Lady to modify a die roll was adding the modified roll to the original are now replacing the roll correctly .
    • A number of instances where resuming a game could cause the game to break are now fixed. One of those was if the game was paused/resumed during the selection of a draw or draw from discard.
    • The game log is now saved and restored when a game is resumed.
    • Added some protection against double-clicking the discard button triggering a double discard of the same card.
    • The bug reporter now provides feedback after a bug report is finished submitting or fails to submit. It also now clears out the description area on success to help prevent duplicate reports.
    • In a multiplayer game, only the active player is prompted for the card swap as part of Isolate & Eliminate.
    • Android now includes ARM64 native support.
    • Ra is no longer prompted for Imbued Fire when no other player has non-infinite range attack cards in their discard pile.
    • Added some game logs for cards that add Fate Points.
    • On the shop page, Helping Hands now correctly shows that it includes "Small Favor" rather than incorrectly showing "Proven Guilty"
    • The wrong card will no longer be discarded in some cases when in a 2-player game.
    • Delayed the early victory announcement until after the rest of the turn's actions have run.

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