Release Notes: Version 1.2.0

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    Version 1.2.0 Release Notes

    Version 1.2.0 is out as of July 25, 2018! The major addition with this update adds Expansion 4: Dead Ends.

    Full release notes:

    • Expansion 4: Dead Ends, including decks for Jared Kincaid, Mortimer Lindquist, Changes, and Ghost Story.
    • An entirely updated Online network mode, which uses a common server instead of requiring a direct connection between guests and the host device. This mode is intended to eliminate a number of problems with playing multiplayer over a network.
    • The character selection interface is improved, and now works like the book selection interface.
      * Multiplayer game setup screens are cleaner, and now show the book and game settings.
    • A new "news" system now displays news on the start menu screen.
    • An icon will now show up on the start screen when your Hidden Achievement login times out.
    • Game log now includes additional actions, including logging when a player passes their turn.
    • Zooming the table talent card will show the correct side of the card when one of the Carpenters has activated their talent.
    • Restoring the game now works properly in some cases where it wasn't before.
    • When Molly Carpenter is prompted to modify a roll, the interface now shows the card with the roll being modified.
    • Molly Carpenter can now modify Susan's "Infected" variant card rolls when they're teamed up in a 2-player game.
      * The Tutorial no longer gets stuck after taking the "Beer at Mac's" advantage when the "Extra Card" option has been enabled for solitaire play.
    • A number of cases where the game would get stuck when causing another player to discard have been fixed.
      * The fate cost of a card that is discarded due to a failed range roll now includes any obstacles that modify the cost.
      * Some more splash messages can be dismissed with a tap/click.
    • Audio should loop properly now when a track ends.
    • Molly can now borrow Harry's "Blasting Rod" stunt to attack targets that Harry was prevented from attacking himself.
    • Resizing the window when playing in windowed mode on desktop now works much better.

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