Release Notes: Version 1.2.0

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    Version 1.2.0 Release Notes

    Version 1.2.0 is now in beta testing. This update adds Expansion 4: Dead Ends and a preliminary version of Expansion 5: Winter Schemes. The expansions will be released to the general public soon, with Dead Ends releasing first and Winter Schemes after. The release date is not fixed until we finish testing.

    Full release notes:

    • Expansion 4: Dead Ends, including decks for Jared Kincaid, Mortimer Lindquist, Changes, and Ghost Story.
    • An entirely updated Online network mode, which uses a common server instead of requiring a direct connection between guests and the host device. This mode is intended to eliminate a number of problems with playing multiplayer over a network.
    • The character selection interface is improved, and now works like the book selection interface.
      * Multiplayer game setup screens are cleaner, and now show the book and game settings.
    • A new "news" system now displays news on the start menu screen.
    • An icon will now show up on the start screen when your Hidden Achievement login times out.
    • Game log now includes additional actions, including logging when a player passes their turn.
    • Zooming the table talent card will show the correct side of the card when one of the Carpenters has activated their talent.
    • Restoring the game now works properly in some cases where it wasn't before.
    • When Molly Carpenter is prompted to modify a roll, the interface now shows the card with the roll being modified.
    • Molly Carpenter can now modify Susan's "Infected" variant card rolls when they're teamed up in a 2-player game.
      * The Tutorial no longer gets stuck after taking the "Beer at Mac's" advantage when the "Extra Card" option has been enabled for solitaire play.
    • A number of cases where the game would get stuck when causing another player to discard have been fixed.
      * The fate cost of a card that is discarded due to a failed range roll now includes any obstacles that modify the cost.
      * Some more splash messages can be dismissed with a tap/click.
    • Audio should loop properly now when a track ends.
    • Molly can now borrow Harry's "Blasting Rod" stunt to attack targets that Harry was prevented from attacking himself.