Devices and Online Capability?

  • Hi, there! I'm a long time fan of The Dresden Files and also a streamer on . For those not in the know, Twitch is a site where streamers play videogames and engage their viewers. Some are fortunate enough to be partnered and make a decent living there.

    Anywho! I'm curious what devices the DFCO Card Game will be available for. Obviously Mobile is the term that's being used, but will there be one for desktop?

    Are there plans to have this be an online game playable between several people. Can one play this solo against a computer?

    Any chance I can get to stream this on Twitch, I most certainly will.

    Very excited about it regardless.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Our initial targets are iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OSX. As we're working on the app, we'll also be evaluating others.

    We're planning several modes of play for the game:

    • Single player, using the same rules as the tabletop version
    • Pass-and-play, for multiple players on a single device
    • LAN multiplayer, for multiple devices in the same network
    • Internet multiplayer

    Since the game is cooperative, and already has single-player rules, there isn't really a mode for playing against AI, and we're not planning to add an AI multiplayer mode at this point.

    You'll have to make sure to let us know when you're streaming, and we can try to drop by your channel to say hi. :)

  • Wow! That sounds awesome! I'm streaming twice a day every day at Viewer beware. Pretty lewd conversations occur XD

  • @Jason I was delighted when you guys added the Deck of Fate app to the Kindle store; will you be able to do the same for DFCO?

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    @Anemone We have a couple of Kindle Fire devices here we use as test devices, so that's definitely one of the places we want to release.

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