Online Multiplayer Using Different Platforms

  • We have 2 players using Steam on PC to play and 1 user on an iPad Air 2 (software version 11.3) that would all like to play together using the Online Multiplayer option. We've been able to get to the connect screen and enter the hosts game code, but we're not able to complete the connection regardless of whether the iPad hosts or the PC hosts. Is the game designed to allow cross platforms to connect using the Online Multiplayer option?

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    @amethyst_andi Hi! We’re on the expo floor at Pax right now, but we’ll get you an answer to your question as soon as we can!

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    Online multiplayer mode has similar limitations to direct IP connection, in that the host must set up their network to allow incoming connections - which may involve modifying settings on your gateway to enable port forwarding.

    The specific instructions for setting that up will depend on the gateway hardware used on the host's network. We have some additional information to help with setting that up

    We're still working on an improved implementation of Online Multiplayer that uses our servers to work around requiring that additional setup.

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