Release Notes: Version 1.1.0

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    Version 1.1.0 is now out. This update brings Hank Walker, Alias: Ra from the Sentinels of the Multiverse as a new expansion to the game. The Hank Walker, Alias: Ra deck was one of the expansions that was originally opened up as part of the Kickstarter campaign for the tabletop version of the game.

    In addition to the new expansion, this version also includes a number of fixes and improvements:

    • Added a few missing inbound and outbound markers.
    • Susan's 'The Beast Within' no longer fails if it is the last card in Susan's hand when she rolls a - during play.
    • Corrected a typo in Thomas' Misdirect Card
    • The Back button on the Join Direct Game screen now works again.
    • Scrollbars now have a consistent appearance in the Manual.
    • The port field for direct network games now displays correctly.
    • Action card dice rolls are now more obviously announced.
    • It is now possible to cancel out of the login process when being prompted for a 2FA code.
    • Add UI to request 2FA code via email.
    • Fixed a number of cases where the game would think a card was zoomed and block further progression.
    • Fixed the default animation speed. Tutorial now always uses default.
    • Stats now format correctly when they have more than 2 digits.
    • When viewing targets for an action card, more of the possible modifier cards on the board now are highlighted.
    • It is no longer possible to play cards when an obstacle causes insufficient fate. This fixes bugs with Morgan Is Watching (Storm Front) and Charity's Distrust (Proven Guilty) allowing actions when exactly the correct amount of fate is available before the obstacle effect.
    • The showdown triggers correctly when caused by Harry's "Insulting Costume" variant.
    • Enchanted duster now adds the correct damage to a target.
    • Added a link to Shannon Applecline's Strategy Guide on the Evil Hat site from the GUIDE section of the main menu.
    • Table Talk Mode options are now available when setting up Hotseat games.
    • Added a new solitaire difficulty option to give each character an extra card, making it the equivalent of a 3-player pass-and-play game.
    • The expansion shop screen is now paged instead of scrollable.
    • Mobile versions now do a better job of remembering purchased expansions when offline.
    • Game Center achievements for "You've Had Every Advantage In Life" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" are now properly credited.

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