Skill Prompt Deck

  • Would Hidden Achievement and Evil Hat ever consider adding the Skill Prompt Card Deck as an expansion? I would pay for it. It would be nice to have both decks all in one mobile app.

    Heck, I would even pay for a "It's Not My Fault" expansion.

  • Hidden Achievement

    This is definitely something we can look into. We don't have a license for the Skill Prompt deck, but we can discuss that with Evil Hat.

    We've also been toying on and off with a separate app that's a full "Fate Companion" app for Fate-based games with features that don't really make sense to combine with the Deck of Fate. There are no definite plans for that yet, but it's something we've been wanting to make for our own games.

  • Awesome, looking forward to hearing more about your "Fate Campanion" app if it happens to move forward.

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