Fate Points

  • Another aspect (Ha!) that my group uses the Deck of Fate for is using the back of the cards as Fate points.

    Would it be possible to have an option in the Deck Manager: Deck Creation screen, for a Fate Point option?

    What this does in play: when drawing a card, the app gives the user a choice to place the drawn card (without seeing what the drawn face value is) as back side up, or maybe something, as a coin off to the side.

    What this does for the role playing mechanics: when you choose to take a fate point, you are diminishing the number of cards you can pull from your entire deck. But that fate point does represent a +2 or a reroll, so it might be worth it.

    My game group likes this dynamic. It creates the sense of storing up the chance of random cards as actual fate to choose when to use, regardless of the what the face value of what the fate point card would have been. If that makes sense.

    Not sure if this variant is intriguing enough to introduce for other groups to enough.

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