Hand Limits

  • I am curious if this would be a helpful option for other users: hand limits.

    Under Deck Manager, when one goes to create a new deck and the screen opens up with the various options, I would find the choice to limit one's hand to a number of cards useful. If you draw beyond your hand limit, then you are asked to discard one of the cards from your hand.

    Not certain if I am the only one to find this useful. I know that my game group use the Deck of Fate in this fashion, with our hands limited to our refresh. Enforces a bit of resource management.

    BTW, I am enjoying your apps. I came about Hidden Achievement through being a backer of the DFCO game and getting the free app expansions. I've playing the DFCO app constantly now, but am also really loving the Deck of Fate app. It's going to take my Fate games to the next level, especially when GMing. I am giving both apps great reviews!

  • Hidden Achievement

    We're really glad you're enjoying the apps, and we appreciate the feature suggestions!

    You can do what you want manually right now by not drawing cards and discarding when appropriate, but I can see how it would be useful to have the app automating that.

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