Forum Code of Conduct and Terms

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    Hidden Achievement Forums Code of Conduct and Terms

    1. Be respectful of other users.
    2. Provide constructive feedback.
    3. Do not make personal attacks.
    4. Do not share your password or reveal account information.
    5. Do not post profanity or sexually explicit material.
    6. Do not make personal threats.
    7. Do not impersonate employees of Hidden Achievement or forum moderators.
    8. Do not challenge the moderators.
    9. Do not use multiple accounts to break these rules.
    10. Do not share the personal information of other people.
    11. Do not use the forums for illegal purposes.
    12. Do not share hacks, exploits, pirated content, or links to sites that provide these.
    13. Do not share copyrighted content that you do not have the right to share.
    14. Do not cross-post, spam, or post off-topic content.
    15. Do not post hate speech.
    16. Do not destructively interfere with forum conversations.
    17. Do not use private chat mechanisms to abuse or harass other forum users.
    18. Use down-voting and reporting mechanisms appropriately -- not to attack people.

    Content on the forums may be modified or deleted, at the discretion of the forum moderators. Users may lose access to the forums, if they are found to be in violation of these rules, or if they are banned from other Hidden Achievement games or services.

    By posting on this forum, you grant Hidden Achievement the unlimited right to store, transmit, and back up the contents of your post, for purposes of hosting this forum. However, the forum and its contents may cease to exist at any time. If you post content you do not wish to lose access to, please ensure that you maintain your own backups of that content.

    Hidden Achievement may update this document. To continue posting, you must maintain compliance with the most recent terms, which should, at any time, be found pinned at the top of the Announcements board.

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