Known Issues

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    This thread will be updated with the current list of known issues and their status.

    Known issues in the current build (1.0.3):

    • Occasionally the "tap anywhere to continue" / "click anywhere to continue" on the first turn of the game doesn't respond to taps/clicks.
      • STATUS: Under investigation. One case where the tutorial wasn't cleaning itself up correctly if you exited early that was causing this is fixed for the next update.
      • WORKAROUND: On mobile, exiting the app and restarting resumes the game properly.
    • Occasionally the tutorial gets stuck at one of a few actions: when prompting to select characters for playing "Beer At Mac's" and when starting Karrin's first turn.
      • STATUS: under investigation
    • Setting up network games is difficult
      • STATUS: We're working on a new system so configuring port forwarding will not be necessary
    • Susan's "The Beast Within" Variant breaks when it is the last card in that player's hand
      • STATUS: Fixed in the next update
    • Molly can't use Talented Holomancer to modify the die roll on Susan's variant cards in a 2-player game
      • STATUS: working on a fix
    • Mavra's Scourge should have an incoming (D) indicator
      • STATUS: Fixed in the next update
    • Typo in Thomas' Misdirect card
      • STATUS: Fixed in the next update
    • Layout of Stats text is broken when entries have more than 2 digits
      • STATUS: in development
    • You've Had Every Advantage In Life achievement is not credited in Game Center
      • STATUS: fixed in the next update
    • Back button doesn't work on the Join Direct Network Game screen
      • STATUS: fixed in the next update
    • Port number when hosting a network game isn't saved unless you change to another field before starting hosting
      • STATUS: fixed in the next update
    • Numbers in the stats display wrap when they get above two digits
      • STATUS: in the queue to fix for the next update

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