Known Issues

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    This thread will be updated with the current list of known issues and their status.

    Known issues in the current build (1.1.0):

    • Setting up network games is difficult
      • STATUS: We're working on a new system so configuring port forwarding will not be necessary
    • Molly can't use Talented Holomancer to modify the die roll on Susan's variant cards in a 2-player game
      • STATUS: working on a fix
    • Showdown roll options shrink when zooming in and out of targets during the showdown
      • STATUS: Fixed in a future update
    • Zooming a card right as the turn changes causes the game to get stuck
      • STATUS: Working on a fix
    • Tutorial gets stuck prompting to take Beer at Macs if the new 'extra card' option for solitaire games has been enabled
      • STATUS: Fixed in the next update.
      • WORKAROUND: Turn off the "Start with an extra card" option in the solitaire game setup under "Start Game"
    • Defeating Lea's Hellhounds in solitaire play causes the game to get stuck when forcing Harry to discard
      • STATUS: Working on a fix for the next update
    • Typo in the tutorial
      • STATUS: Fixed for the next update