Release Notes: Version 1.0.2

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    Here's the full list of changes in the 1.0.2 update.

    • Deutsch (German), Français (French), and Pусский (Russian) language support
    • Added support for Linux/SteamOS
    • Kickstarter backers don't have to log in as frequently for their bonus content.
    • The options screen no longer displays the graphics options behind the selected options tab the second time it is opened.
    • Game no longer gets stuck when Molly uses Apprentice Wizard talent on a card roll that resulted from borrowing Inner Demon from Thomas with Talented Holomancer.
    • Add more windowed game sizes and fixed some bugs with toggling between fullscreen and windowed.
    • Infected cards correctly detect that the player who should discard has zero or 1 card and makes the discard automatic.
    • Judas Noose now includes its outbound A marker.
    • Apply damage modifier before checking for actions that cannot defeat the target - allows Alphas to use Savage against cards with 5 damage when a damage modifier obstacle reduces the damage.
    • The Evil Hat is somewhat less evil and no longer causes the game to get stuck.
    • Check for cards to discard when playing Lash's gift. Also prompt the correct player in a 2-player.
    • Mouse can no longer swap the row of cards in the same column when Winter's Wrath is in effect.
    • Fate is correctly adjusted after using Molly's talent to change a Fate roll.
    • Updated the bug reporter to send more data about screen resolution and any logged errors. Plus it now includes an (optional) contact email address field.
    • Escape key opens/closes the tutorial options panel when in the tutorial instead of the main options panel. The resign button on options is disabled when in the tutorial (in case we missed a method for opening that panel).
    • Don't prompt to move cards when there is nowhere for a card to go.
    • Action cards that move damage between targets now allow deselecting of the initial target.
    • When playing a card on target + adjacent, apply effects of the secondary target being hit.
    • Fixed a bug that was allowing clicks through to cards and the table when they shouldn't have been clickable.
    • Added a tab to view discards in the character details. Just look in the trash can.
    • Fixed the dialog for selecting multiple characters so the number text wasn't giant and preventing clicking the characters to the left.
    • Don't show individual characters when selecting multiple characters during a 2-player game.
    • Updated some fonts to use a new title font.
    • Fix the ambient audio cycle button so it works after being disabled and re-enabled.
    • Add separate options for ambience volume, enable music, and enable effects.
    • Don't flip feature cards when they're zoomed.
    • Enable flipping of Talent/Stunt cards in the card browser.
    • Fly Michael's Doubt and Apprentice Screws Up when they block talent play.
    • Fix incorrect tutorial trigger on new discards tab on character detail dialog.
    • The scroll wheel can now unzoom as well as zoom.
    • Changed action notification dialogs to 'Close' instead of 'OK', since they were acknowledging the result instead of confirming the action.
    • Fly Arrest Warrant and Secrets of the Fae cards when they reduce damage/clues.
    • Fly the Vampire Masquerade card and other obstacles that modify discarding for Fate when they affect discarding.
    • Stop music when entering the play screen until we have a music loop that works for a longer play session.
    • Add new options: show the planning prompt, show action notifications, and dismiss action notifications
    • Add info to setup screen about difficulty and game type.
    • Added a random book option on game setup
    • Clear variant options during tutorial setup. Harry can no longer wear his Insulting Costume or bring Lash's Gift to the tutorial.
    • Disabled scroll-zoom during the tutorial, since that was breaking the tutorial.
    • Fixed checks for Butters and Ramirez talents.
    • Luccio's cards that distribute hits/clues among targets now use number spinners.
    • Only allow Stunt use during the 'Select Action' phase of the turn, since that's the only time it's valid to use a Stunt.
    • Toot Toot And Friends now gives the next player in turn order (active player's left) a choice rather than the previous player (active player's right)
    • New stats. Steam players can now open the Achievements section to see stats, and the button should launch the Steam achievements overlay properly.
    • Don't try to swap cards if the whole row has obstacles and advantages. Was blocking game setup in Blood Rites, where this case was possible.
    • Stunt and Talent cards are now displayed on the table, and can be used to activate Stunts, and in Molly's case, her Talent.
    • Added the music from the trailer to the menu screen.
    • Fixed a bug when deselecting initial target of Move Damage action (Carlos' and Butters' talents)
    • Planning Mode now displays "PLANNING MODE", when a hand card is selected. If
      the player attempts to select a target, a sound is played, and the "PLANNING
      MODE" text is bounced, to draw attention to it.
    • Can now zoom cards when in the showdown.
    • Clicking away from a selected hand card should now correctly and completely
      deselect the card.
    • Card hover no longer gets stuck on after using Molly's Talent.
    • Stats are now also updated on defeat, to help with tracking defeats as well as victories.
    • Cleaned up the UI in the join and setup screens some.
    • New methods for joining network games: Steam lobby (can now invite friends/join friends games), and an online private match with a simpler code than having to enter IP/port number.
    • New book selection UI in the game setup screen, with additional information about the book makeup.
    • Fixed a few bugs with Stunt use during network play.
    • Add confirmations on discard and stunt use for table stunt cards that would automatically play with no option to cancel.
    • Fixed some Tutorial race condition weirdness that occurred when an enabled
      element had the same key as the previous enabled element.
    • Added keep-alive messages to network games to better detect when a host has disconnected and to help keep sessions open.
    • Fix the "Harry Required" dialog when trying to start a game without Harry selected during Pass-and-play setup.
    • The ESC key now cancels out of a lot of dialogs and exits a number of screens.
    • Enabled the ability to host a game without being an active player.
    • Tidied up the Exit confirmation dialog on the Start Menu.
    • The default hold times for the flip-card overlay are slightly longer, and the
      overlay can now be dismissed with a tap.
    • Corrected colors in the options menu.
    • Don't try to remove focus from the hand card when not the active player in a network game.
    • Network games can now accept spectators.
    • Two players can no longer select the same character in a network game. That resulted in a broken state.
    • Added new character portraits for Harry when he's wearing the Insulting Costume and Susan when she's Infected
    • Mouse can now choose himself to discard when playing Foo Dog.
    • The Ways will no longer cause remote players to get stuck in a network game.
    • Only prompt the active player when multiplying damage on a target. Fixes Enchanted Duster in network play.
    • When "Hit on the Carpenters" is solved, the game should now highlight the
      remaining cards correctly. Also, the "No Thanks" button should now use the
      middle slot, during the Showdown. Also, hitting "No Thanks" should no longer
      break the Showdown.
    • Other players no longer get stuck at setup if Harry is too fast about starting a game of Side Jobs.
    • Alpha Pack Attack can now hit otherwise-protected foes when borrowed by another player.
    • Defeating the Evil Hat should no longer crash the Showdown when it tries to draw cards.
    • Prevent Alphas from using Savage when target card would receive bonus damage from Harry (i.e. Grendlekin) in a 2-player game.
    • When playing Alpha Pack Attack, damage all the cards first, then remove them for side effects. Fixes issues where side effects were preventing subsequent cards from receiving damage.
    • When modifying rolls with Molly, hitting OK without adjusting the roll no longer uses her Talent and changes dice in bad ways.
    • When discarding the card from Inner Demon, discard the card from the correct deck, and not the same card ID from the primary character's deck.
    • [Errata from base game] "Apprentice Screws Up" explicitly only blocks Harry's "Wizard, P.I." Talent and not the other character's talent in a 2-player game.
    • Better handle the case where a table card tries to reduce fate. Previously this would crash the game if Fate went below 0. Now it just clamps to 0 instead of triggering the showdown.
    • Game Log includes a bunch of additional information.
    • Return/Enter key now submits the Login and Two-factor authentication forms on the Network Options screen.
    • Don't show 'No targets after range roll' when playing a card with Inner Demon if there was no range roll.
    • Lash's Gift should now un-highlight hand cards after discard.
    • When you click on a target, but still need to roll the dice, the dice button
      should now bounce, and play the "Invalid" sound.
    • Added a bounce to the active Hero button when waiting for the other player.
    • When an action affects more than 4 targets, show those target cards in the notification dialog.