Enhancements to Game Start Screen, Game Log, and Gameplay

  • I think it would very helpful to be able to see how many of each card are in the decks before we enter into a game, like how the deck dividers are in the physical edition. It would help us make more informed decisions about character selection. It would also be helpful to have access to the deck contents from this screen, instead of having to back out to the main menu and go into the guide.

    I've also realized I wanted to view a card that I just played in the log, but only had access to the card name, not the details of the card.

    I've had a couple instances in which I clicked on an unintended target. While I was presented with a screen that asked me to acknowledge my action by clicking "OK" it would be fair to allow the player the option of canceling that action, keeping to the rule that once dice are rolled, you've got to commit to using that card. Similarly, I was required to discard a card. I zoomed into a card, and then accidentally clicked a different card that got discarded. A confirmation dialogue will alleviate these kinds of errors.

    Thanks for your time and effort. I love this game and looking forward to the IOS port.

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    Adding information about the makeup of the deck in the game setup screen is a great idea. I'll add that to our list of features to consider. We already have a task to improve the book selection on that screen, so it's a good addition.

    It's always been in our plans to make the game log have links to show the card details, so that's also coming.

    We've had a few requests for action confirmation, so that's something we'll probably be adding. The dialog right now is really showing details of the action that just happened, rather than confirming before performing the action. That's most obvious when you're playing a network game and you see that when someone else plays a card. It'll also help when we get an update out that fixes the bug in the current version that is letting clicks pass through to the background when cards are zoomed.

    We're glad you're enjoying the game. We should have news on the mobile versions coming out soon.