Release Notes: Version 1.0.1

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    Version 1.0.1 is now available for everyone!

    The major new feature in this update is the addition of a tutorial showing you how to play the game. We've also made improvements to the interfaces for starting and joining network games, along with a handful of game fixes.

    The full set of updates includes:

    • Added a tutorial
    • Improved the network game setup UI
    • Bug reports are now submitted directly over the web and include a field to describe the problem.
    • Made some general UI improvements.
    • The remote turn indicator now stays active through the entire turn.
    • The game Log is now accessible on the Victory and Defeat screens.
    • Final game score displays on the Victory and Defeat screens.
    • You can click Stunt cards to view the back and Talent cards that have important text on the back.
    • Improved the prompt when a player is asked to discard as part of Mouse's Foo Dog Talent.
    • Unplayable stunts are no longer offered when using Molly's Talented Holomancer Stunt.
    • Sanya can no longer take Alphas To The Rescue using Esperacchius or Play a Hunch when no cases have been solved.
    • The option to enter the showdown is now only available during the select action phase of a turn.
    • It is now possible to cancel selection of the primary target of Sanya's Esperacchius or Play a Hunch.
    • Corrected a couple of places where the local character name was used when displaying information about a remote network player's action.
    • Made the card zoom when a Talent card is used slightly longer and apply the animation speed scaling option to that animation.
    • Added some additional information to "table talk" descriptions of the cards in other players' hand.
    • Added more feedback when logging in to a Hidden Achievement account.
    • Improved the text styling in the manual for some places where the text wasn't very readable.
    • Fixed the layout of talent icons so they aren't cut off when playing both Molly and Michael Carpenter in a 2-player game.
    • Improved the card moving and fixed some bugs when taking advantage of The Ways in the Side Jobs deck

    A few known issues that have come up since this was created that will be addressed in the next update:

    • Using Molly's Apprentice Wizard to change a die roll on a card drawn by Thomas' Inner Demon stunt (either directly or through use of Molly's Talented Holomancer) causes the game to get stuck
    • Expansion entitlements for Kickstarter backers are not caching correctly, requiring you to be logged in to keep them active.
    • The 'Graphics' section of the Options screen shows up behind other tabs the second time the options screen is opened.
    • The 'Table Talk' icon on the character detail popup wasn't clear and looks like it uses Cyrillic text.
    • Can't zoom cards when in the showdown
    • Can't view the back of Talent/Stunt cards in the card browser.
    • Unable to cancel case card selection when using Carlos Ramirez' Talent "It Hurts To Be This Good"

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