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  • From the physical rule book i was under the impression that the "discard for fate" effect of the talent/stunt card was a one-off not a "every time" effect. I love that the game is coded to do it every time, just confused as to the actual game intent..

  • Hidden Achievement

    The Talent card fires every time you discard for fate. The Stunt card is usable once in the game, but isn't tied to discarding for fate. That should be the same in both the physical game and the app.

  • Evil Hat

    Yup, speaking as the publisher of the game and probably 2nd ranked as the person who's played the game (1st being the game designer Eric Vogel himself!) Jason has this exactly right. Talents are different from stunts. Stunts are a powerful one-time-per-game effect, while talents are a side-effect that occurs every time you discard for Fate. This is covered on page 5 of the game's rulebook.

  • then i've been playing the game wrong this whole time :( no wonder i loose so often. thank you for the clarification

  • Evil Hat

    @dc4u2 Yeah, playing that way would lead to a loss almost all of the time. Many board layouts require multiple uses of Harry's Talent in order to be winnable!

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