Work-in-Progress Screenshots #1

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    Here's my first pack of screenshots showing work-in-progress for DFCO. These are all 1024x768, so you can see what the game looks like at iPad aspect ratio. On a wider screen, the game uses the extra space to spread the player's hand out a bit more.

    Start Menu

    This is not set-in-stone, yet. We may be reorganizing/redecorating later.

    Start Menu

    Card Browser: Hero Card

    As you can see, we've got our compositing working for the detail cards. These are totally data-driven, so localization and/or rules corrections are possible, when necessary.

    Card Browser Hero Card

    Card Browser: Foe Card

    This card shows has a lot of bits and bobs on it. I wanted these to be really close to the print versions of the cards.

    Card Browser Foe Card

    Card Browser: Obstacle Card

    Inline + and - just like on the real cards. (Had to make a symbol font for that!)

    Card Browser Obstacle

    New Game: Solitaire

    These New Game screens may end up with more options on them, later. For a Solitaire game, you can pick which two characters go out with Harry (or leave them random).

    New Game Solitaire

    New Game: Hotseat/Pass-and-Play

    This game mode is for multiple people taking turns playing on the same device.

    New Game Hotseat

    New Game: LAN Multiplayer

    This mode is intended to be played on your local network. The "Table Talk" setting is so you can set the level of communication allowed with your other networked players.

    New Game LAN Multiplayer

    New Game: Online Multiplayer

    This mode is for playing on the Internet. There's a lot we're still fleshing out for that, right now.

    New Game Online Multiplayer

    Hotseat/Pass-and-Play Staging

    I've been doing most of my work on the Solitaire and Hotseat modes, so far. This is the screen for picking characters for Hotseat players. In this instance, we are using the special two-player rules, so each player gets two characters to play!

    Two-Player Hotseat Staging

    Enforcing the Rules

    The great thing about electronic games is that they can automagically apply rules for you, so you don't have to remember to do that!

    Enforcing Rules

    Who goes First?

    Harry always gets to pick who goes first at the start of the game!

    Who Goes First

    The Play Screen

    Here, you can see the simplified version of the cards that we've created, for use for high visibility on a wide variety of screens. If you happen to have a big, beautiful, high-density screen, there will be a setting in the Options screen that will allow you to use the detailed cards all the time!

    Play Screen

    Zooming the Cards

    You can tap-and-hold, or use your mouse-wheel to zoom any card on the board. If your'e using the simplified cards, this will zoom into the detailed card, so you can read all the text clearly.

    Card Zoom

    Well, that's it for now, folks. If you have any questions, drop them on the Discussion board. Thanks!

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