Where is it?

  • I would have thought that by now there would be Beta testing going on...

    Did you kill the app already?

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    @DC4U2 Hi there! We just posted a screenshot to Twitter and Facebook a couple of days ago! I suppose I should get it up on the forums, so you can see it here, too. I'm working on a video, as well, but haven't got it ready yet.

    I don't have a big team working on this (and I've had other contracts I had to meet deadlines on), so it's taking some time, but it is still very much in-progress. When it's beta time, I'll definitely get the bullhorn out and make some noise.

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    @DC4U2 There we go. Screenshots are right here!

  • Photos are looking good. It also looks like you have at least testable for you copies of the entire core set.

    I am curious how you handle the Side Jobs Collection. Most books have fixed options for what cards are in them. However Side Jobs has that whole randomize the the breakdown between Cases, Foes, Obstacles, and Advantage then randomly select from the available options in each category and mix them together to get the final book deck. Are you planning on having all of that randomizing completed when you load the book or will their be a setting for the user to alter or specify the desired breakdown?

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    @Dragen3 Great question! I was planning to emulate the physical game as closely as possible, from a mechanical perspective. That means rolling for the card distribution, just as you would in the real game. However, if you think it would be fun for players to run custom card distributions, that's certainly something I can add to the Wish List.

  • I am mostly interested in which approach you intended on.

    I am not sure of the coding involved. However if it was not too difficult. I think it would be kind of cool to be able to pick what result you got from the usually available distribution possibilities. Basically pick your randomize dice roll but not a full custom breakdown. Probably be easier to code that then trying to make a balanced custom breakdown anyway.

    For example two of the options for the two fate dice are ++ which is 2 cases, 6 foes, no obstacles, and 4 advantages or -- which is 3 of each type of card. Probably be easier to code pick the dice then the player having the option to do something like I want 4 cases, 4 Foes, no Obstacles, and 4 Advantages.

    Sounds like you intend on just having the random dice rolled, having the game assemble the deck out of the right breakdown of cards for that dice roll and get them laid out. Which is good enough. Although if you wanted more input I would suggest having an option to reshuffle the card layout but not change the card type breakdown and/or any of the cards.

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    @Dragen3 Thanks so much for the sincere feedback! I'll go ahead and add your comments to our Wish List!

  • With the game shipping (got mine, woot!), just wondering how the digital version is coming..

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    @DC4U2 We got ours, too! Super-happy. And thanks for checking in with us!

    Here's the skinny:

    The account system (so you can redeem your keys, etc.) is mostly done. We're doing internal testing on it, and we still need to enlist a graphic designer to prettify it for public eyes.

    We just got the final card art for the book decks, and all the card text and art for the expansions from Evil Hat, on Feb 10. I'll be integrating the art and data within the next week, but the logic will take longer.

    I'm currently working on implementing the Talent cards in the base set. Here's one of the prompts for Harry's talent:

    alt text

    Development is running a bit slower than expected, because of some fundamental philosophical differences in card design in this game from the last card game I worked on. That's probably something I should write a longer article on, because I think it would be interesting to designers and would-be designers.

    Now... back to the code mines with me!

  • Where should we be looking for our keys, or is that something that hasn't been sent out yet?

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    @moothejew > I'll defer that question to @Jason, since he's handling the account system. My understanding is that the account system's back-end is all in place, and we just need to get the front-end polished up, and tested a bit more, before we put it up for the public.

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    Tess is right - once the system is ready for the public and doesn't look like it's made for programmers (which will be soon), Evil Hat will send keys and information on how to redeem them out through BackerKit for the Kickstarter backers.

  • Hi there, another Kickstarter backer here. I'm looking forward to the app very much. Playing the physical game is always preferable when possible, but I'm really pleased to read you will be adding 'pass and play' mode to the app for those moments when tabling the game isn't possible.
    I'm liking that Side Jobs will be thoughtfully integrated. Replayability gets a great boost from that.

  • I just found out about the card game and companion app! I'm so disappointed I missed out on participating in the kickstarter! But I'm so excited for this game. I'm pre-ordering the game and getting this as soon as it launches. Which is hopefully very soon.

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    @DarthExodus034 Thanks for dropping by! I'm really looking forward to getting this into everyone's hands!

    If anyone missed the latest video, it's over at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XStMbLXmyjU

    I'm aiming to have another up, this weekend! I'll be showing off Fool Moon, Susan, and the Alphas. Keep an eye out!

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