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  • It is amazing what happens when you don’t sabotage yourself. This is the cleanest half of football the Colts have put together all season. The offense is hitting on all cylinders and has stayed balanced. The defense created two turnovers. One was created by Mike Mitchell’s forced fumble <a title="Le'Raven Clark Jersey Stitched" href="http://www.thecoltsclub.com/leraven-clark-jersey/">Le'Raven Clark Jersey Stitched</a> , recovered by Darius Leonard. Another turnover was created by an interception on a deep passing attempt by Derek Anderson that was returned deep into Bills territory — once again Mike Mitchell. One Hines run later, Indianapolis gets a late first half field goal and pushes the lead to 24 points.ESTABLISH THE GROUND GAMEThey have done this for much of the first half. They have 116 yards on the ground in the first half and are averaging 6.4 yards per carry. They utilized Marlon Mack heavily, who looked tremendous, but Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins have also played a role in the game. Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of the ground game so far is that every type of run <a title="Youth Jordan Wilkins Jersey" href="http://www.thecoltsclub.com/jordan-wilkins-jersey/">Youth Jordan Wilkins Jersey</a> , inside and outside, and every running back is having success.PLAY AGGRESSIVELY IN THE SECONDARYThe Colts are still relying on soft coverage to keep plays in front of them. With an early first half lead, it is unlikely that they will become more aggressive. If the offense can keep things moving and the defense can continue to make the Bills one-dimensional, there is no reason to take risks or be overly aggressive. How refreshing to be in this situation going into the half.GENERATE CONSISTENT PRESSUREOther than a batted pass by Margus Hunt and a hit by Kemoko Turay <a title="Jordan Wilkins Jersey Stitched" href="http://www.thecoltsclub.com/jordan-wilkins-jersey/">Jordan Wilkins Jersey Stitched</a> , the Colts haven’t had a great deal of success getting to Anderson. This is partially due to a quick strike offensive game plan that hasn’t required the Buffalo offensive line to block for extended periods but it would be nice to see the pass rush come to life in the second half. This defense is built on speed and the potential to make big plays. With a big lead the ends should be able to pull their ears back and Eberflus should be able to send some well timed and designed blitzes to make life difficult for Anderson.CATCH THE DAMN BALLI can’t recall a single drop in the first half and Luck utilized seven different receivers. This is an important development. If the receivers can continue to catch the ball moving forward this season, the offense might start to put up some big numbers.NO BACK BREAKING TURNOVERSNo fumbles and no interceptions for the Colts in the first half. In fact, the Colts caused a fumble and picked off Derek Anderson during a desperate two minute drive. The result? Two extra first half possessions. This has helped lead to a 24 point half time advantage.NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Injuries continue to hold back the Colts Week five was a tough week for the Colts. It was bad enough to lose a game to the New England Patriots on national television. It was compounded by a slew of injuries to key players that threatened to impact more than just that game. At 1-4 the Colts cannot afford to lose more than 1 or 2 more games before they start to lose any chance at relevance. The power rankings this week reflect the Colts stumbling start. It doesn’t matter much whether you compete in games, it matters if you win them. Right now the Colts haven’t proven they can finish those games <a title="Indianapolis Colts Abdurrahman Ya-Sin Jersey" href="http://www.coltsjerseyproshop.com/abdurrahman-ya-sin-jersey/">Indianapolis Colts Abdurrahman Ya-Sin Jersey</a> , and their ranking reflects it. Let’s take a look at those rankings heading into week 6.Nate Davis of USA Today has the Colts at 27th, up one from last week.Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports has the Colts down 2 spots to 30th.ESPN has the Colts ranked 26th, down from 24th last week.Sporting News has the Colts ranked 29th, down from 26thBleacher Report has the Colts ranked 29th <a title="Womens Abdurrahman Ya-Sin 2019 Jersey" href="http://www.coltsjerseyproshop.com/abdurrahman-ya-sin-jersey/">Womens Abdurrahman Ya-Sin 2019 Jersey</a> , up from 30thNFL.com has the Colts ranked 29th, down from 27th last week