• Out of curiosity, do you guys have plans to test the various iterations of the software for accessibility compliance? I'm asking both as a deafblind fellow (I can see well enough to not need a screen reader, at least for now) and as a board member at large of the Oklahoma Association of Blind Students, a division of the National Federation of the Blind of Oklahoma. I'd be more than happy to help with accessibility testing if you need volunteers, of course.

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    @Aerdan Hey, that's a great question! This is a list of things I usually try to address (or advocate for):

    • Respect system mouse settings.
    • Provide safe-grip area on both right and left sides of tablet screen.
    • Allow key and/or gamepad remapping.
    • All audio cues should be accompanied by a visual cue.
    • All color cues should be accompanied by shape/symbol/text (or other non-color) cues.
    • Do not use red-and-green to contrast danger and safety.
    • Test game with a variety of color-blindness-filters, in case you missed something.
    • Test game with audio off.
    • Allow zooming for small text/detail.
    • Provide bold, alternate view modes for small, highly detailed items. (Civ V's simplified map mode is an example of this.)
    • Provide an alternative single-touch way to accomplish multi-touch tasks. (In case someone is using a screen-stick, stylus, prosthetic, or other single-touch device.)
    • Minimize full-screen context-switching when mid-task (for working-memory disabilities).
    • Minimize use of lengthy mouse-drags, or provide alternative means of accomplishing the same thing.
    • Allow users to replay the tutorial at any time.
    • Allow players to pause single-player action.
    • Multiplayer games with turn-timers should allow the time to be configured, so that people can set up games with more thinking-time, if they need it.
    • Don't be stingy with game-saving.
    • Provide different difficulty modes.

    Due to the small size of our company, I can't promise we'll hit all of these bullets on every game. However, I do see them as goals that we should strive for. It's a lot easier if you think ahead than if you try to bolt everything in at the end!

    We will definitely keep your offer in mind. When the project is further along, we will be very interested in UX feedback, and accessibility will be one of those things we want to hear about.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the prompt reply, and I truly appreciate your willingness to address accessibility issues. :)

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