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  • RE: Version 1.0.3 on iOS 11.2.2 (ipad4mini) wraps game stats is over 99

    Thanks for reporting this. We've also seen this reported on the Steam build. It's on our list of bugs to fix for the next update.

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  • Why doesn't the Showdown let me roll on cases at the end of White Night?

    The White Night showdown card does not have any options for rolling to solve Cases. This means that only Foe cards can be defeated through showdown rolls when playing that deck.

    Remember that card effects will still trigger during the showdown, so you can still add clues to cases that way - for example, if you defeat Skavis Agent during the showdown, it will add 2 Clues to "Identify the Skavis", potentially solving that case.

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  • Why can't Molly use her stunt?

    Molly Carpenter's stunt card borrows the effect of another player's stunt that is still face-up. There are a some cases where she won't be able to borrow a particular stunt:

    • The other player has already used their Stunt
    • The table conditions prevent the other player's Stunt from being played. For example, Molly can't borrow Harry's Blasting Rod stunt unless there is a foe on the table that could be defeated in less than 4 hits.
    • Some obstacles block stunt use. This isn't specific to Molly, but will prevent her from using her stunt.
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  • What are all these network game modes?

    We know the network game modes can be a little confusing, but here's a quick summary of them and how they work.

    At their core, they all work the same way, with the difference in how the connection endpoint is discovered.

    Direct Connection
    The simplest mode is Direct Connection. All the other modes are based on this one. With Direct Connection mode, the Host* (the device running the game) listens for TCP/IP connections on a specific port. To connect, a Guest has to enter the IP address and port number of the game running on the Host, and their game will connect directly to the Host.

    LAN Multiplayer
    In LAN Multiplayer the Host again listens for TCP/IP connections on a specific port. It also broadcasts/multicasts an advertisement for the game on the local network. Guest devices listen for these advertisements, and display the information. Selecting an advertised game and connecting to it uses the IP address and port number contained in the advertised game instead of requiring those be entered manually.

    Online Multiplayer
    Similar to LAN Multiplayer, the Host listens for TCP/IP connections on a specific port number. The advertisement of the game is sent to a web server rather than over the LAN and a game code is assigned. Guest devices connect to the web server to ask for the game's details using the game code, and then connect using the IP address and port number contained in that information instead of requiring those be entered manually.

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  • Release Notes: Version 1.0.3
    • Solving Cases or Defeating Foes that cause a discard no longer select the wrong card when there is only one possible option.
    • The "Move Kalshazzak" prompt now has buttons in the same order as other dialogs.
    • Bug reports now include operating system version information.
    • Selecting a random book when all expansions are unlocked no longer locks up the game.
    • [Amazon] Fixed a bug preventing validation of purchased expansions.
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  • I want to play. Where can I find the game? posted in Frequently Asked Questions
  • Now available on mobile devices!

    We've released the mobile version of the game as of January 7, 2018. Here's where you can find it.

    iOS: On the App Store at

    Android: On Google Play at

    Android/Kindle Fire: On Amazon Appstore for Android at

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  • Known Issues

    This thread will be updated with the current list of known issues and their status.

    Known issues in the current build (1.0.3):

    • Occasionally the "tap anywhere to continue" / "click anywhere to continue" on the first turn of the game doesn't respond to taps/clicks.
      • STATUS: Under investigation. One case where the tutorial wasn't cleaning itself up correctly if you exited early that was causing this is fixed for the next update.
      • WORKAROUND: On mobile, exiting the app and restarting resumes the game properly.
    • Occasionally the tutorial gets stuck at one of a few actions: when prompting to select characters for playing "Beer At Mac's" and when starting Karrin's first turn.
      • STATUS: under investigation
    • Setting up network games is difficult
      • STATUS: We're working on a new system so configuring port forwarding will not be necessary
    • Susan's "The Beast Within" Variant breaks when it is the last card in that player's hand
      • STATUS: Fixed in the next update
    • Molly can't use Talented Holomancer to modify the die roll on Susan's variant cards in a 2-player game
      • STATUS: working on a fix
    • Mavra's Scourge should have an incoming (D) indicator
      • STATUS: Fixed in the next update
    • Typo in Thomas' Misdirect card
      • STATUS: Fixed in the next update
    • Layout of Stats text is broken when entries have more than 2 digits
      • STATUS: in development
    • You've Had Every Advantage In Life achievement is not credited in Game Center
      • STATUS: fixed in the next update
    • Back button doesn't work on the Join Direct Network Game screen
      • STATUS: fixed in the next update
    • Port number when hosting a network game isn't saved unless you change to another field before starting hosting
      • STATUS: fixed in the next update
    • Numbers in the stats display wrap when they get above two digits
      • STATUS: in the queue to fix for the next update
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  • Why does the game not get past "connecting" when I try to join a game on the internet?

    First, let's get some basic terminology in place for using to talk about internet games:

    • Host is the computer/device of the player who is starting the game. That player chooses the book deck, difficulty, and number of players in the game.
    • Guests are the computers/devices of others who will be joining the game.
    • Spectators are like Guests, only they don't control a character and only get a view of the board.

    The most likely cause for this problem is the host running on a network that is using "Network Address Translation" (commonly called "NAT").

    When a guest (or spectator) tries to join the game, the game will attempt to create a TCP/IP connection directly to the host. If the host is behind a firewall, the firewall might block that connection. If the host is on a network using NAT, the public address that a guest will be using to connect is actually the internet address of the router that provides the internet connection for the host. To work around that, the router has to be configured for what is called "port forwarding" to pass those specific requests to the host. has a good guide with detailed instructions on how to set up port forwarding for a wide variety of router hardware.

    Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game connections use the TCP protocol, and by default connect on port 5728.

    There are some cases where you won't have the ability to enable port forwarding - using a mobile device on a cellular connection, for example. We're in the process of developing a system to support connections even when none of the players in the game are able to enable port forwarding.

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