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  • Release Notes: Version 1.2.2

    Version 1.2.2 includes a number of fixes to gameplay bugs discovered since the previous update. These include:

    • Kincaid's Isolate & Eliminate can now be played when the only Foe with Hits is the first Foe in the order Foes are searched
    • Lash's Gift should no longer get stuck when prompting to discard a card.
    • Card effects that require more than one discard no longer get stuck when there aren't enough cards in that player's hand.
    • Obstacle and Advantage cards are no longer treated as cards with no Hits/Clues when determining if Winter Knight Harry can use his Mantle of Winter talent.
    • Sign in / sign out / achievements buttons for Google Play should now work properly.
    • Remote players in a network game no longer get stuck when Harry declines to discard a card when prompted to do so after playing Lash's Gift
    • The "Running on Fumes" obstacle in Side Jobs no longer modifies the die roll for additional clues on Susan's "Pen Is Mightier"
    • Kincaid's Tripwire can no longer be used on Foes at range >1 in the secondary row when "Lost In Undertown" is active.
    • Winter Knight Harry will no longer appear in the tutorial after being used in a solitaire game.
    • A few cases where Winter Lady Molly using Power of the Lady to modify a die roll was adding the modified roll to the original are now replacing the roll correctly .
    • A number of instances where resuming a game could cause the game to break are now fixed. One of those was if the game was paused/resumed during the selection of a draw or draw from discard.
    • The game log is now saved and restored when a game is resumed.
    • Added some protection against double-clicking the discard button triggering a double discard of the same card.
    • The bug reporter now provides feedback after a bug report is finished submitting or fails to submit. It also now clears out the description area on success to help prevent duplicate reports.
    • In a multiplayer game, only the active player is prompted for the card swap as part of Isolate & Eliminate.
    • Android now includes ARM64 native support.
    • Ra is no longer prompted for Imbued Fire when no other player has non-infinite range attack cards in their discard pile.
    • Added some game logs for cards that add Fate Points.
    • On the shop page, Helping Hands now correctly shows that it includes "Small Favor" rather than incorrectly showing "Proven Guilty"
    • The wrong card will no longer be discarded in some cases when in a 2-player game.
    • Delayed the early victory announcement until after the rest of the turn's actions have run.
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  • RE: Known Issues

    Known issues in the current build (1.2.2):

    • Google Play Games doesn't work on 64-bit ARM devices
      • STATUS: Added a hotfix 1.2.2 build for Google Play only.
    • Lash's Gift sometimes gets stuck when prompting to discard a card.
      • STATUS: Under investigation. May only occur on ultra-wide screens.
    • Kincaid and Mortimer's stunt cards may sometimes cause target cards to land in the wrong location.
      • STATUS: Under investigation. May only affect ultra-wide screens.
    • Bug reports don't submit correctly from the tutorial
      • STATUS: Fixed for the next build.
    • Online games created on Amazon devices fail to start correctly.
      • STATUS: Fixed for the next build.
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  • Release Notes: Version 1.2.0

    Version 1.2.0 Release Notes

    Version 1.2.0 is out as of July 25, 2018! The major addition with this update adds Expansion 4: Dead Ends.

    Full release notes:

    • Expansion 4: Dead Ends, including decks for Jared Kincaid, Mortimer Lindquist, Changes, and Ghost Story.
    • An entirely updated Online network mode, which uses a common server instead of requiring a direct connection between guests and the host device. This mode is intended to eliminate a number of problems with playing multiplayer over a network.
    • The character selection interface is improved, and now works like the book selection interface.
      * Multiplayer game setup screens are cleaner, and now show the book and game settings.
    • A new "news" system now displays news on the start menu screen.
    • An icon will now show up on the start screen when your Hidden Achievement login times out.
    • Game log now includes additional actions, including logging when a player passes their turn.
    • Zooming the table talent card will show the correct side of the card when one of the Carpenters has activated their talent.
    • Restoring the game now works properly in some cases where it wasn't before.
    • When Molly Carpenter is prompted to modify a roll, the interface now shows the card with the roll being modified.
    • Molly Carpenter can now modify Susan's "Infected" variant card rolls when they're teamed up in a 2-player game.
      * The Tutorial no longer gets stuck after taking the "Beer at Mac's" advantage when the "Extra Card" option has been enabled for solitaire play.
    • A number of cases where the game would get stuck when causing another player to discard have been fixed.
      * The fate cost of a card that is discarded due to a failed range roll now includes any obstacles that modify the cost.
      * Some more splash messages can be dismissed with a tap/click.
    • Audio should loop properly now when a track ends.
    • Molly can now borrow Harry's "Blasting Rod" stunt to attack targets that Harry was prevented from attacking himself.
    • Resizing the window when playing in windowed mode on desktop now works much better.
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  • RE: trouble logging in on an iPad

    There might be a couple things here - first, it looks like one of our SSL certificate on our web server expired today. That's now updated, and might fix the problem. Another possibility is that we do have a known issue with the iPad Pro keyboard dropping part of the input when used to enter text in the game. If you're using the keyboard and the updated certificate didn't already fix the issue, try typing in your username and password using the on-screen keyboard.

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  • RE: Cannot register

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble registering. Those emails should be sent out nearly instantly when you register. I'll take a look and see if I can figure out why they might be being delayed on their way to you. That could be anywhere between our servers and Amazon's mail system and your mail provider.

    I also manually extended the expiration time on the registration code from your latest registration attempt. I can send that code to you and bypass the slow email systems, if you email us directly at

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  • RE: Online Multiplayer Using Different Platforms

    Online multiplayer mode has similar limitations to direct IP connection, in that the host must set up their network to allow incoming connections - which may involve modifying settings on your gateway to enable port forwarding.

    The specific instructions for setting that up will depend on the gateway hardware used on the host's network. We have some additional information to help with setting that up

    We're still working on an improved implementation of Online Multiplayer that uses our servers to work around requiring that additional setup.

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  • RE: Online Multiplayer Using Different Platforms

    @amethyst_andi Hi! We’re on the expo floor at Pax right now, but we’ll get you an answer to your question as soon as we can!

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  • RE: Unable to login.

    We just rolled out a fix for this. During today's update, we missed an update to a server component that was needed to go with the new version of the game. Make sure you're updated to version 1.1.0.

    If you're still having problems after this fix and after updating, please let us know!

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  • Release Notes: Version 1.1.0

    Version 1.1.0 is now out. This update brings Hank Walker, Alias: Ra from the Sentinels of the Multiverse as a new expansion to the game. The Hank Walker, Alias: Ra deck was one of the expansions that was originally opened up as part of the Kickstarter campaign for the tabletop version of the game.

    In addition to the new expansion, this version also includes a number of fixes and improvements:

    • Added a few missing inbound and outbound markers.
    • Susan's 'The Beast Within' no longer fails if it is the last card in Susan's hand when she rolls a - during play.
    • Corrected a typo in Thomas' Misdirect Card
    • The Back button on the Join Direct Game screen now works again.
    • Scrollbars now have a consistent appearance in the Manual.
    • The port field for direct network games now displays correctly.
    • Action card dice rolls are now more obviously announced.
    • It is now possible to cancel out of the login process when being prompted for a 2FA code.
    • Add UI to request 2FA code via email.
    • Fixed a number of cases where the game would think a card was zoomed and block further progression.
    • Fixed the default animation speed. Tutorial now always uses default.
    • Stats now format correctly when they have more than 2 digits.
    • When viewing targets for an action card, more of the possible modifier cards on the board now are highlighted.
    • It is no longer possible to play cards when an obstacle causes insufficient fate. This fixes bugs with Morgan Is Watching (Storm Front) and Charity's Distrust (Proven Guilty) allowing actions when exactly the correct amount of fate is available before the obstacle effect.
    • The showdown triggers correctly when caused by Harry's "Insulting Costume" variant.
    • Enchanted duster now adds the correct damage to a target.
    • Added a link to Shannon Applecline's Strategy Guide on the Evil Hat site from the GUIDE section of the main menu.
    • Table Talk Mode options are now available when setting up Hotseat games.
    • Added a new solitaire difficulty option to give each character an extra card, making it the equivalent of a 3-player pass-and-play game.
    • The expansion shop screen is now paged instead of scrollable.
    • Mobile versions now do a better job of remembering purchased expansions when offline.
    • Game Center achievements for "You've Had Every Advantage In Life" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" are now properly credited.
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  • RE: Looping the music/ambient tracks

    It should already be looping or playing the audio on shuffle based on the settings in the options during play. We'll look at that to make sure it's correctly restarting the audio (or starting a new track if it's set to shuffle) after the current track finishes.

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